4 Tips for Staying on Budget as a Restoration Business Owner


staying on budget as a small business owner

Part of learning how to start a restoration business is learning how to manage your financial resources with skill. As a restoration business owner, staying on budget may not always be as easy as it appears. From unforeseen expenses on projects to overpriced suppliers, hidden costs are lurking around every corner, posing a danger to your business’s balanced budget. To keep these unexpected challenges under control, restoration business owners can follow these few key budgeting tips.

1. Overestimate your restoration business expenses

As a restoration business owner, you know that when a business operates on a case-by-case basis, no two projects are the same. While some projects may cost exactly what was expected, others will incur unanticipated costs along the way. When estimating expenses for your budget, be sure to always round up. Not only is it easier to account for under-spending than overspending, it also eases budgeting when overspending does occur.

2. Shop around for different suppliers to service your restoration business

No supplier relationship is permanent. Don’t be afraid to explore different supplier options, especially when the cost discrepancy could mean the difference between staying on budget or going over. In fact, vetting alternative supplier options should be done far beyond just the initial purchasing or starting of a restoration business. Business owners should reconsider their supplier choices at many points throughout their entrepreneurial journey. For instance, you might want to consider reevaluating when it’s time to set annual or monthly budgets or during regular business reviews.

3. Anticipate and plan for big expenses when starting your restoration business

The biggest lesson one can learn while discovering how to start a restoration company is that large, unexpected expenses can pop up from time to time. When pumps, dryers, or dehumidifiers reach the end of their lifespan, costs for replacement can easily reach into the thousands. For larger truck-mounted pumps, these costs can even reach the tens of thousands. To soften the blow of this eventuality, it’s best to budget accordingly. By anticipating these major expenses and incorporating them into annual budgets, you can soften the blow to your restoration business’ bottom line.

4. Pursue purchasing assistance and software tools for your restoration business

When budgeting as a restoration franchise owner, the ability to count on reliable equipment and software is key to staying on budget. United Water Restoration Group provides all franchise owners with access to the company’s approved software systems for bookkeeping, estimating, billing, and more. Easy access to these helpful programs allows restoration business owners to monitor all regular business functions and budgeting, as well as controlling labor and inventory costs.

Learn how to start a restoration company that stays on-budget with United Water Restoration Group

Looking to invest in a franchise that will support your balanced budget? Think you have what it takes to run a sustainable restoration business? Choose United Water Restoration Group as your greatest ally in entrepreneurship. Speak with one of our restoration franchise representatives to learn about available restoration franchise opportunities near you.