4 Ways to Make Money as a Restoration Business Owner

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making money as a home water restoration business owner

Starting a restoration business requires one to think about potential revenue-generating activities, especially if growth is a priority. Restoration franchise opportunities like that of United Water Restoration Group leverage an established business model to identify such activities. In addition to offering initial extraction and mitigation services, United Water Restoration Group franchisees provide full restoration services, as well. In doing so, our restoration business owners fulfill a greater market need while making healthy contributions to their bottom line.

Offer water extraction and damage restoration services as a United Water Restoration Group franchise owner

One in 50 U.S. homes
files a property damage claim for water damage each year. Water restoration franchises like United Water Restoration Group help owner-operators provide water extraction and damage restoration services nationwide. As part of our pioneering franchise program, you can obtain essential certifications and master best practices in water extraction and damage restoration services. More importantly, you’ll have access to more than 25 years of industry experience by way of our franchise leadership team. Our ongoing franchise support, along with the approved vendor network we’ll share with you, will prepare you to remove water and minimize damage at any residential or commercial property.

Restoration business customers need sewage removal and damage restoration services

United Water Restoration Group stands out from other water restoration franchises for our breadth of services, which extend to sewage removal and damage restoration. When customers in a territory are plagued by sewer backup, our flood restoration business owners are there to offer quick and reliable solutions. Let the United Water Restoration Group team walk you through our signature procedures for minimizing overhead while adding this vital service to your restoration business’ service offering.

Expand your restoration business with smoke and fire damage restoration services

Fires in the U.S. caused $11.6 billion in property damage in 2014. United Water Restoration Group has designed a franchise program that allows franchise owners to offer much-needed smoke and fire damage restoration services, as well. If you are thinking about launching your own flood restoration business, consider these services as a complementary offering. Restoration franchise opportunities like United Water Restoration Group can help you to incorporate this revenue stream using an established model and refined operational methods.

Leverage United Water Restoration Group’s mold removal franchise model

If customers encounter water damage, they will likely need to combat mold, as well. Water restoration and mold removal and restoration services go hand-in-hand, making this offering another potential revenue generator for flood restoration business owners. With our mold removal franchise model, owner-operators can master the techniques and service standards necessary to deliver quality mold removal services. We will help you acquire initial necessary inventory, including equipment, tools and cleaning supplies, to help you do the best possible job, each and every time.

Capture optimal market share as a United Water Restoration Group franchise owner

Restoration franchise opportunities like United Water Restoration Group can help you position your business for optimal growth in the restoration and remediation industry. Take your water restoration or flood restoration business plan to a new level as a United Water Restoration Group franchisee! Download our free franchise kit to get started today.

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