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Local Referral Sources to Consider for Your Restoration Business

Referral marketing, a tactic that relies on word-of-mouth and recommendations to gain new business, is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there for any company. 86% of customers who are referred to a company through word-of-mouth accept and trust the recommendation. 

Customers trust word-of-mouth recommendations before any other source for potential purchases. This recommendation makes researching a business easier for the consumers since they believe if it comes from someone they already trust. 

When setting up a new United Water Restoration Group franchise, local referral marketing tactics are important. Your franchise’s field marketers need to be professional, customer service-orientated people. These marketers will spread the word about how your franchise is the best choice for a customer’s restoration needs. Marketers should keep a close connection with each company they befriend. These close connections are strategic for gaining a lead on business funneled through their company.

  1. Develop Trust

You have to develop relationships with referral sources. You want referral sources to recommend our service to their network. The referral process relies on trust, and that takes time to build. Having your field marketers stay in close contact with a business will help ensure a healthy, flourishing relationship. 

  1. Referral Incentive

Referral sources like to strike a deal, typically monetary or a close connection. This can be a set commission or an agreement to trade jobs to one another when a new consumer need arises. Money drives local businesses, typically a lot of your referral network will be small businesses. These will capitalize on both incentive forms, so take advantage of this.

  1. Referral Network

Once your referral sources have made your franchise a recommendation in their referral network, it’s up to you to capitalize on it. You have the opportunity to reach new audiences, build your brand, and gain credibility from this referral and the consumers they bring to you. Make each customer feel important and take care of each one’s individual needs. Ruining customer interactions can cause the referral source to cut off your franchise.

  1. Bring the Referrals in Full-Circle

Keep a referral circle where you can easily set a customer up with another company if we cannot perform the needs outside of our restoration process. We can refer customers to plumbers, contractors, HVAC, or other professionals when we are unable to perform the needs of a customer. In this exchange, the referral may also provide your franchise a monetary incentive or strengthen that bond to allow trustworthy, ongoing referrals.

Referral Marketing is Key

While it may take time to set up a referral network near your franchise, it is extremely beneficial. Patience is key as trust for each company develops and relationships build. Field marketers can quickly strengthen referral marketing connections with local businesses. Make it easy for them to connect with your franchise, as an easy flow of communication is just as important as gaining leads.
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