Consider These Local Referral Sources For Your Restoration Business



For any local business, finding customers is at the core of success. Sometimes, it can be tough to figure out exactly how to find and connect with new customers to ensure the growth of your business. Thankfully, there are many referral sources that make it easier to grow your network, build a reputation, and get your name out there. Keep reading to learn about the best referral sources to consider as the owner of a restoration business.

Current customers are great referral sources for your restoration business

Your current clientele is probably one of your restoration business’ strongest referral sources. They know your work, they’ve connected with you personally, and after you provide stellar service, they can be one of your biggest advocates, whether it’s via word of mouth or online reviews on sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. Why not incentivize those reviews with discounts each time they refer a new customer? By encouraging customers to rave about your service, you’re fostering an existing relationship while building new ones!

Our home restoration franchise owners form strategic partnerships

Building connections with businesses that serve a similar clientele may help to grow your client base. Think of how a primary care physician may have a relationship with a particular dentist’s office, offering their regular patients referrals, and vice versa.This can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

At United Water Restoration Group, we encourage our home restoration franchise owners to do the same. With our restoration franchise support, they can establish strategic partnerships with local businesses that go hand-in-hand with theirs. If you’re looking to improve the reach of your restoration franchise operation, you may consider relationships with insurance adjusters, plumbers, and other ancillary services. Much like the doctor-dentist connection, referrals will be easy and logical for both parties.

Leverage local “influencers” to promote your home restoration franchise

When you own a small business in a close-knit local town, you’ll want to work with key influencers within the community to help spread your name and build your reputation. Influencers in your area could range from local bloggers who highlight home improvement projects, to local news sources covering small business. An easy way to leverage these influencers is offering services free of charge to encourage the positive promotion of your restoration business.

Attract a solid customer base with our disaster restoration business for sale

Owning your own restoration business is hard work, but taking advantage of local referral sources makes it easier to keep a steady inflow of new clients. Learn more about our water restoration, fire restoration, flood restoration, mold removal restoration, disaster restoration business for sale and discover all that our home restoration franchise opportunities have to offer.