The Cost of Owning a Restoration Business


There’s plenty to consider when launching your own restoration business, including the required investment and start-up costs. A disaster recovery business is an intricate operation. Entrepreneurs must take into account things like office space, fleet vehicles, client management and record-keeping systems, just as much as necessary equipment, gear and tools to get the job done. Without adequate forethought and planning, start-up costs for a disaster recovery business can easily add up.


Your team will need state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform restoration and remediation services

A disaster recovery team is only as effective as its equipment. When you sit down to plan for your disaster recovery business, create a budget for tools of the trade. Water extraction units, air movers, moisture readers, dehumidifiers and other key items are essential for thoroughly removing water and mold, and assessing damages. Give your technicians the best chance of providing quality service by equipping them with everything they need to succeed in the field.


Invest in top-notch marketing for your restoration business

Discovering how to start a restoration company is just the start of your entrepreneurial journey. Much of your time will be spent exploring new and creative ways to market your restoration business. Devote a portion of your budget to attracting new clientele with a dynamic marketing strategy. From local outreach to eye-catching vehicle wraps, you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity to spread the word about your new restoration business. Make sure you have the capital to accommodate for a robust initial approach, as well as necessary strategy shifts over time.


Consider training and continued education for your disaster recovery business staff

There’s no such thing as “too much information” when it comes to running an efficient disaster recovery business. Expect to spend a sizable portion of your budget on training opportunities, consulting and technology to bring you and your staff up to speed. You might also consider devoting resources to help you and your employees obtain certain certifications. Customers rely on water and fire restoration teams who are skilled and curious – there’s nothing they haven’t seen and no issue for which they can’t present a solution. Invest in your continued education, as well as that of your team, to secure a reputation for superior restoration and remediation services in your area.


Learn how to start a restoration company with minimal overhead as a United Water Restoration Group franchisee

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