n 2019, the total amount of money loss accrued from fires came out to a whopping $14.8 billion, which is a 74% increase from 2010. Fires are happening more often and are costing home and business owners more and more through the years. In 2019, a fire department responded to a fire an average of every 24 seconds. A home fire was reported every 93 seconds. Fire damage restoration is another staple point of our restoration franchises. Though these jobs typically make up a smaller percentage of workload, they are necessary service not only to a franchise but also to your community. When a fire strikes a building, it’ll need restoration services to return to a state of normalcy, even in the cases of smaller fires.

The Facts About Fire Restoration

  • In 2019, property loss caused by fire damage was around $12.3 billion.
  • 37% of all fires are within structures or buildings.
  • in 2019, there were an estimated 481,500 structure fires.
  • Most residential fires occur inside the building, specifically in the kitchen.

Facts About Smoke & Soot

Smoke damage can be just as ruinous as fire damage:

  • Lingering Damage – Smoke can seep through porous materials and substances and root itself in there, causing lingering damage to affected materials.
  • Foul Odors – Foul odors are likely to stick around far after any fire event, causing a significant drop in a building's air quality.
  • Stains & Damage – While you may not think of smoke damage as ruinous, it can create lasting stains and damage in nearly any environment.
  • Soot Damage – Soot is the byproduct of organic items not completely burning, leaving a chalky, black substance that can extend the woes of a fire.
  • Harmful to Breathe – Soot and smoke damages can be potentially harmful to inhale, these toxic particles can ruin a building's air quality and render affected areas uninhabitable.

Even after less intense fires, some form of restoration may be required. As the old saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. Smoke damage accounts for another large chunk of our restoration franchises. Smoke poses a unique concern as this type of damage does not end with the fire itself. Smoke damage can root itself into porous materials and cause lingering damages that cause further deterioration over time. Fire and smoke damages are cause for concern. On one hand, you have a type of damage that can legitimately cause structural integrity concerns, on the other, you have something that can cause affected areas to have potent scents that cause further damages. Fire damage restoration services are a necessary service that communities all across the world require. These services provide a hefty revenue stream as well as an imperative service to the community you serve.


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