Growth Market Opportunities

United Water Restoration is an international franchise organization dedicated to providing emergency response and remediation services. We currently have over 20 corporate and franchised locations in North America providing services in 13 states and 2 countries. UWRG is experiencing rapid expansion across North America, but still offers the most territory availability for franchise opportunities in the industry.

Roll over each state to see available territories. Green pins are thriving corporate locations that are for sale. Red pins signify sold out cities. The single blue pin is where you will visit on Discovery Day, our headquarters in Ormond Beach.

UWRG offers single and multiple territory options to qualified individuals depending on their personal, financial and operational goals and objectives. Each territory awarded is approximately 250,000 in population and is defined by contiguous zip codes. All of the territories awarded are large and protected, meaning another franchise cannot be awarded in any owned territory.

We are only expanding internationally in Canada and are available and registered to a franchise in all provinces except Manitoba & Quebec.

How Do I Take Advantage of Franchise Opportunities?

UWRG requires investors to meet a predetermined set of qualifications before opening a franchise of their own. You can get more information about startup costs and read the requirements here. You can also see what franchise ownership looks like and how the process works, step by step, by clicking here. You can also gain insight and information from others who have come before you with our FAQs page.

Once you’ve decided to start a home restoration franchise location of your own, we’ll provide you with training and support you can depend on, including marketing assistance. Along with the many other benefits you’ll gain from this exciting franchise opportunity, you’ll be able to take pride in building a business you believe in with a team committed to excellence.

With the rapid growth we are experiencing, right now is the time to lock in your franchise territory and secure your financial future. Contact us for more information about franchise opportunities in the US and Canada today!