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Importance of Each Referral Source for a Franchise

Field marketers are important for United Water Restoration Group franchisees to gain local referral sources. Connections to multiple contractors and tradesmen are important. These create a strategic partnership between companies. Each connection provides a benefit in our separate divisions – water restoration, mold remediation, and fire cleanup.


While plumbers can repair pipings, fix leaks, and install new plumbing work, they cannot restore water-damaged materials after an incident has occurred. Plumbers will need to refer their clients to a water restoration company – that’s where we come in. With this strategic partnership, plumbers will bring us business from their jobs they are unable to perform through their direct referrals. Although they are the most common source of referrals for restoration companies, they provide tremendous value as a partner due to the nature of their work.

Property Managers

Property managers can be an excellent referral source for potentially large loss jobs. These managers are the middle man between an owner and a renter. They are key connections for a franchise because they manage more than one property.

Property managers have the potential to open more doors by keeping your franchise in mind whenever anything ever goes wrong at one of their many properties. A property manager referral source is a huge win, as they typically manage several locations and provide steady work.

Community Directors

These busy people, known as community directors, are responsible for overseeing a community of homes, retirement, commercial properties, or nursing homes. Befriending one of these offices is extremely beneficial and can result in a referral source recommendation from the complex to its residents whenever a water restoration or mold remediation project is needed. One community director can have several clients they supply your franchise with. If you befriend some of these it has a lot of potential jobs that can be formed.


Whenever an HVAC technician is working on a property and they spot unobserved water or mold damage, they need someone to refer the client to for repairs. A United Water Restoration Franchise can be that bridge to help restore the damaged property to its pre-loss conditions.


Generally, a damaged roof is caused by natural weather occurrences. Before roofers can begin laying new shingles, the base wood needs to be in good condition. If they notice there is water damage, then they call in another company, such as ours, to extract water damage and restore the area. This goes both ways with roofers, as if we are called to a scene for water damage on a roof then-new shingles will generally be needed too.


If water damage occurs to an outlet or wiring in a wall, the homeowner will typically call an electrician first. While they can repair the wiring, they cannot restore the water damage. This is another close relation some companies overlook, it may not be as related to water restoration as a plumber, but there is still potential for customers.


Certified General Contractors are contractors used on construction and renovation projects. They can easily spot water, mold, or fire-damaged material, but are unable to restore the property. CGC’s are highly involved and continuously looking for better recommendations for their clients. Proving yourself as a trustworthy franchise is key to securing their loyalty. They may already have a network of referrals, but demonstrating that the company is reliable is important to gaining them as a new referral service.


Third-Party Administrators are important for high-performing restoration companies, such as United Water Restoration Group. They are a mix of professionals that refers clients to each type of project needed to be done, such as restoration, electrical work, or plumbing. TPAs can assist with bringing business to a company, but also handle some financial aspects for a company too. They can be extremely helpful for bringing in revenue and assisting with franchise monetary values, so it’s important to follow the process to become affiliated with TPAs.

A Field of Referrals Sources

These are just a few local referral sources ideal to obtain when working for one of our restoration franchises. Each poses a different benefit for the company in an additional way to gain more job leads. Expanding your local network will increase your franchise’s job potential, improving opportunities for revenue growth.
The more referral sources you take advantage of, the stronger your franchise’s customer base becomes. As our company is continually expanding in the $210B, recession-resistant industry, we are always looking for new franchising opportunities to expand. If you would like to inquire about opening a new United Water Restoration Group franchise, give our team a call at (386) 492-6904 or email us at [email protected]. We are always here to provide support for new and existing franchisees.


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