How Large is the Water Damage Restoration Market?


Have you ever thought of opening your own water restoration business, but were hesitant due to instability in the economy or your financial situation?

The restoration and remediation market is more stable than you might think. According to A.M. Best Company, the industry is worth $210 billion in the U.S. Key analysts project this number to grow even more. Our industry’s current stability and forecasted growth means that now is the perfect time to get in on a ground-floor restoration franchise opportunity like those offered by United Water Restoration Group.

Homes don’t last forever – restoration franchise operations are essential

The American restoration industry pulls in $60 billion annually, due to a number of factors. The average American home is approximately 40 years old, according to the U.S. Census, which means they are more susceptible to damage from flooding, fire and severe weather. Older homes naturally fall into disrepair if proper maintenance doesn’t occur, and sometimes even if it does. The older our homes get, the more likely it is that cracks in the foundation or seams will cause seepage and other damage. This goes for commercial buildings, as well.

We’d all like to think that our homes and business buildings are built to last, but the fact is that they will break down over time. It is estimated that more than 14,000 people experience water damage daily. In the course of a year, there are an average of 170 million commercial losses and 40 million residential losses. Even new homes with a more modern design aren’t immune from damage. For all their advantages, energy-efficient homes tend to be more conducive to mold and mildew growth due to restricted air flow.

As aging and environmental shifts continue to make our buildings more susceptible to damage, water restoration franchises like United Water Restoration Group become increasingly essential. Hundreds of customers rely on thorough and responsive teams to restore their properties while minimizing damage caused by flooding, fires, leaks, mold and sewage issues. A steady market demand paves the way for qualified individuals to see promising returns in water restoration business ownership.

Water restoration franchises address growing emergency response needs

Beyond aging homes and businesses, more frequent and severe storms are the leading cause of growth in the water damage and restoration industry. In 2016, the EPA reported that the U.S. experienced $60 billion of property damage due to severe storms alone, and this number has remained constant since 2008.

Our restoration franchise opportunity helps owners save communities from spending tens of thousands of dollars on damaged structures and contents, all while providing timely and attentive emergency response services for those who need it most.

The reality is that severe weather is on the rise, and it will continue to rise as the global temperature climbs higher. More heat means that hurricanes will experience more energy and force, thus increasing the severity of storms further inland. Although this is unfortunate, the increase in storm severity makes the water restoration and remediation industry incredibly stable. Potential restoration franchise owners can rest assured knowing that the need for professional restoration services will always be constant and unaffected by economic swings.

Now is the best time to open your own water restoration business for sale in your community. Contact United Water Restoration Group to find out how you can get started today!