Who Makes a Great Water Restoration Franchise Owner?


At United Water Restoration Group, we take pride in all the knowledge housed within our franchise community. Our water restoration franchise owners come from all walks of life, however, they have two things in common: some familiarity with the intricacies of project management and a service-oriented mentality. Do you think you have what it takes to become a water restoration franchise owner? Measure your skills and passions against these top characteristics ideal United Water Restoration Group franchisees share.

Our water restoration franchise owners are skilled project managers

Those who invest in our water restoration franchises understand what it takes to see a project through to completion. They are skilled in the art of managing subcontractors and their varying levels of expertise and availability. At the same time, they are incredibly familiar with what it takes to provide stellar service at the client level. This knowledge drives them to motivate and direct subcontractors with client satisfaction as the ultimate end goal. All in all, our water restoration franchise owners do whatever it takes to complete a project on time and on budget.

A client-oriented focus is essential for water restoration business ownership

United Water Restoration Group places honesty and integrity above all else – and we equip our franchisees to uphold the same values in their work. In taking a look at our top franchisee candidates, we find that construction workers are particularly skilled in this area. With each job, they know that others’ safety relies on them. Thus, they go above and beyond to make sure they give clients their absolute best. A similar mindset is required of restoration water damage experts. Even minor water damage can pose a great threat to a client’s property, which is why we commit to responding promptly and sticking around until the job is done. United Water Restoration Group has perfected its approach to customer care over decades. Join us if you’re ready to extend that legacy through water restoration franchise ownership.

Ideal water restoration franchise owners are strong problem-solvers

Restoration water damage experts are prepared for anything. Whether it’s determining what equipment is best used for water extraction or how to facilitate safe and efficient clean-up, those who invest in our water restoration franchises are comfortable with problem solving. United Water Restoration Group’s opportunity builds on this skill through ongoing support and training. We prepare franchisees by familiarizing them with industry best practices and safety fundamentals that will help them run a streamlined water restoration business.

Own a water restoration franchise with United Water Restoration Group

If you have a background in construction or contracting, or you’re familiar with the water restoration industry, it may be time to consider starting a water restoration business with us! Our franchise program is perfectly suited for those who are looking to become restoration water damage experts while launching a streamlined operation in a growing market.

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