Master Customer Service as a Restoration Business Owner


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If you enjoy cultivating client relationships, there’s an opportunity for you in the restoration industry. Owning and operating a restoration business allows you to engage with people frequently, as you provide thorough and timely solutions to their water, fire and mold damage needs. United Water Restoration Group has perfected a business model that stands apart from other restoration franchise opportunities. Our restoration business mission, philosophy, and operational standards reflect a deep regard for honesty and dependability when dealing with customers.

Are you looking to take your customer service skills to the next level? Here are a few ways the United Water Restoration Group franchise program can help you get there.

Share in our customer-centric restoration business philosophy

At United Water Restoration Group, we take pride in our sensitive approach to customer service. We understand how dire customers’ needs are when they call us to report water, fire, flood, sewage, mold or storm damage. That’s why we do what we can to restore their property, protect their assets and get them back to their regular routines as quickly as possible. When you choose to start your own restoration business with United Water Restoration Group, you’ll learn how to treat customers with the utmost care and compassion.

Our service training tops that of other fire and water restoration franchises

Unlike other water, fire or mold removal franchises, United Water Restoration Group is committed to growing with you. We don’t just want skilled and seasoned remediation professionals to join our franchise network. We’re looking for those who are ready and willing to learn and expand their skill set. Our franchise support team makes sure that restoration business owners in our system receive all essential licenses and certifications. We also ensure that our franchisees adhere to all policies of certifying agencies, in addition to enforcing continuous education for all technicians. Honesty and integrity play a huge role in our service philosophy, so we do what we can to make sure technicians show up to a job prepared, knowledgeable and certified to succeed.

Owner-operators run water and mold removal franchises with service in mind

Our program stands out from other fire and water restoration franchises because we teach you how to run your business from an ethical perspective just as much as a technical one. In sharing our business philosophy with you, we’ll set you on a path to build meaningful relationships with customers, insurance companies and adjusters. We’ll work with you to understand the importance of responding immediately, providing skilled and detailed service, and allowing flexible scheduling for monitoring – all the aspects that have made United Water Restoration Group a choice provider of restoration and remediation services for the last 14 years.

Find out about available restoration franchise opportunities near you

Have you considered investing in a water or fire damage restoration franchise? Are mold removal franchises the best fit for your personal and professional goals? Choose United Water Restoration Group as your greatest ally in entrepreneurship. Download our FREE brochure, or speak with one of our franchise representatives to learn about available restoration franchise opportunities near you.