Uncover Growth with a Mold Removal Business



Elimination of water and mold damage with dryer and fan.[/caption]In the late 1990s, Dr. Richard Shoemaker released a well-publicized paper that drew strong connections between adverse health symptoms and dangerous biotoxins contained in mold and mold spores. Since the publication of this study, along with others sharing similar results, mold removal has become a key component within the restoration services industry. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in a mold removal franchise can turn to United Water Restoration Group to guide them through the benefits and challenges of entering the mold removal industry.

Property owners are concerned with mold and health

In a 2004 study, the Institute of Medicine linked mold exposure within the home to upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing and wheezing in individuals who were otherwise healthy. The study also uncovered a causal relationship between mold and asthma symptoms in people with asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis in those susceptible to the condition. Evidence also suggested a link between mold exposure and respiratory illnesses within previously healthy children. The presence of mold spores within homes can be extremely dangerous for children, and potential franchisees entering the restoration business should be prepared to handle property owners’ serious health concerns about mold.

Our restoration franchise opportunities include mold removal and remediation services

Among the main services restoration business owners should expect to offer clients are mold removal and remediation. The process of removal is much more intensive than simply removing all detectable mold traces, as all porous materials that may have been contaminated will need to be removed. This list can include carpet, wallboards, ceiling tiles, and bedding. The remediation process clears visible signs of mildew and removes any related odors. Additionally, those who invest in our disaster restoration business for sale are trained to take precautionary steps to ensure that the structure remains free of mold.

Other services offered by mold removal businesses include mold inspection, which identifies the source and extent of a mold problem, as well as mold testing, which can uncover and address any hidden mold. A mold removal and restoration business offers specialized and professional services that a homeowner alone can’t provide, making this offering all the more valuable to consumers. Our restoration franchise opportunities fully equip investors to maximize this demand.

Explore mold removal franchise options with United Water Restoration Group

When starting a mold removal business, the initial investment can often prove cost-prohibitive to many entrepreneurs. To lower these costs and start your business with a manageable overhead, consider exploring restoration franchise opportunities instead. A restoration franchise investment of $129,029 to $274,570 with United Water Restoration Group grants franchisees access to advertising and marketing assistance, comprehensive training programs, tested software programs and more.

Thinking about opening your own mold removal business for sale? Do it with a supportive and knowledgeable franchise brand like United Water Restoration Group. Learn more about our disaster restoration business for sale today!