Upgrade Your Water Damage Restoration Services With Top Technology


using business technology to grow business prospects

If you’re planning to open your own water restoration business, you might ask yourself how you’ll stand out from competitors in your local market. While having the right support and tools will certainly help, implementing top-of-the-line technology to perform water damage restoration services is a surefire way to appeal to potential customers. From infrared cameras to truck-mounted blowers capable of handling 650 cubic feet per minute (CFM), updated water damage restoration technology can transform the way your team assists customers. Water restoration business owners looking to improve their standing among competitors should consider incorporating these relatively new technologies into their services.

Improve your water restoration operation with premium moisture detection and measurement equipment

Advanced technology, such as infrared cameras, is revolutionizing the nature of moisture detection and measurement. Also known as thermography, this specialized technology produces a live image of heat in areas hidden from the human eye, interpreting the heat into wavelengths that water restoration professionals can interpret. The images produced by these cameras contain more than 78,000 separate temperature measurements. In the hands of an experienced water restoration professional, a thermal imaging camera provides users with information on water damage investigations, moisture assessments, and roof and electrical system inspections. Infrared experts suggest using thermal imaging in instances of suspected plumbing leaks. This technology can also be useful when determining the adequacy of insulation or locating hidden leaks after any water damage events, such as a flood.

Our restoration franchise owners keep a pulse on water extraction equipment developments

When providing water damage restoration services, water extraction is a key component of the process. That’s why our restoration franchise owners have a vested interest in emerging water extraction technology, such as high-quality submersible pumps. Top-of-the-line pumps can easily handle debris and solids and can pump at speeds up to 9000 (gallons per hour) GPH. For bigger cases of home flooding, there are new technology options for truck-mounted extraction units, as well. These high-end versions come equipped with a multi-stage heat exchanger, a recovery tank able to hold 100 gallons or more, blowers capable of handling 650 CFM, and engines with RPMs as high as 4,000. While these extraction units will set you back close to $35,000, the reward on this purchase will ultimately outweigh the investment. Restoration business owners should also consider investing in portable extraction units, high-speed air movers, and industrial-grade dehumidifiers.

Launch your own tech-savvy business with our disaster restoration franchise for sale

These are just a few of the top tech trends within the restoration and remediation industry! Those who invest in our disaster restoration franchise for sale serve their communities with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, including botanically-based cleaners, disinfectants and chemicals. Interested in becoming a franchisee with United Water Restoration Group?

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