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Why Buy a Restoration Franchise?

For individuals who are considering purchasing or owning a restoration franchise, it is important to understand how restoration franchises function. The restoration industry is a unique, fast-paced, and profitable industry.

If you have ever experienced a restoration project, you know how time-consuming and expensive it can be. Hiring restoration companies who know exactly what they are doing is important to the process. While the company professionals handle the restoration projects, typically someone’s insurance will assist in coverage if the project is completed by professionals.

The damage restoration franchise industry is extremely important to home and business owners. The more franchises we open, the stronger brand recognition and continuous restoration services we provide. United Water Restoration Group is always looking to expand our companies as the $210B+ industry continues to grow.

The Damage Restoration Industry is Essential

Being in the restoration field means you are a recession-proof, essential business. Whenever a recession does occur, this typically does not affect your franchise’s revenue. We are key to ensuring other businesses do not fall apart from water, fire, and mold damage. This means that there can be a steady flow of jobs at all times.

The damage restoration industry has been designated as essential, due to an increase in structures continuously being built for the growing population and as the older buildings deteriorate. This is why we are looking to expand our locations. This industry is recession-proof and will always be needed. Essential businesses are great to own and invest in because they provide continuous returns.

The Restoration Industry is $210B+

The restoration industry is growing at a faster pace than ever expected, which also means an increase in revenue for the companies who pursue this field. There is good reason for this rapid expansion as restoration has grown into a $210 billion industry over the past decade, creating a restoration boom that is poised to continue.

Being in the restoration field means you are a recession-proof, essential business. Whenever a recession does occur, this typically does not affect your franchise’s revenue. We are key to ensuring other businesses do not fall apart from water, fire, and mold damage. This means that there can be a steady flow of jobs at all times.

Great Growth Potential in Local Markets

Each restoration franchise has extreme potential for local market growth. When your franchise becomes more prominent and known for its excellent service, your customer base will increase. Word-of-mouth is important for generating a following, which happens when you acquire referrals and have people recommend your location.

As your franchise’s field marketers befriend local companies, this will expand your customer base. Customers enjoy supporting local businesses, so funneling leads through these sources is a key source of revenue. Typically companies like plumbers, HVAC, and contractors are local businesses that possess this excellent local market potential. Once again, this is a way to rapidly expand your franchise’s referral network. Customers respect local companies, so gaining a referral network through them will strengthen your franchise’s relationship with the community.

Low Initial Investment to Buy-In

With low initial investments and low risks, a restoration franchise is perfect. As the industry continues to grow beyond the $210B+ it’s currently worth, there will be increased opportunities for franchisees to take advantage. 

As we are a service company, the initial buy-in cost is a low investment. Service companies typically are a low-cost investment as the services we provide are continuous and we can reuse all the same equipment on job sites. There is not much of a cost when performing jobs, aside from the tangible equipment.

With low investment costs, you can potentially gain a high return margin. Typically on a water rebuild job with an average of $10,000 the average profit margin can be as high as 90%. At United Water Restoration Group the bulk of our franchises steadily increase revenue yearly after their upfront startup costs.

The Industry is About Helping Others

As a service industry, we are here to serve the community. Here at United Water Restoration Group, we put home and business owners first, as together we form a community. With this in mind, citizens rely on our restoration franchises to provide an essential service. They come to us when their property is damaged, so we can fully restore and remediate it back to pre-loss conditions. With over 14,000 people experiencing water damage in the U.S. daily, we must be there for them when they need it most.

As a restoration franchise owner, your primary goal becomes providing restoration services for the community – not just during emergencies, but also any time someone needs these services at their home or business. We are the backbone to help restore people’s lives to pre-loss conditions, this is why we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Interested in Becoming a Successful Restoration Franchise Owner?

At United Water Restoration Group, we continually seek out new franchisees to expand our brand name. As we are in a recession-proof industry there will always be room for continuous expansion. At our corporate office, franchisees will be trained in close quarters on all aspects of owning their own UWRG restoration franchise.

We will always provide assistance and advice as you run your franchise. This way, we are here for you as much as you need. Your success is our success. If you are interested in franchising opportunities, give us a call at (386) 492-6904 or email us at [email protected] for information on how you can be the next UWRG franchisee.


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